Books by Samantha Johnson:
  • The 4-H Guide to Vegetable Gardening, Voyageur Press, 2011 (with Daniel Johnson)
  • The Rabbit Book, Voyageur Press, 2011
  • The Field Guide to Horses, Voyageur Press, 2009
  • How To Raise Rabbits: Everything You Need to Know, Voyageur Press, 2009
  • The Field Guide to Rabbits, Voyageur Press, 2008
  • Horse Breeds: 65 Popular Horse, Pony, and Draft Horse Breeds, Voyageur Press, 2008 (with Daniel Johnson)
  • How To Raise Horses: Everything You Need to Know, Voyageur Press, 2007 (with Daniel Johnson)
Some of my particular areas of expertise include:

•Horses and ponies: Breeds, care, showing, breeding, color genetics, judging (I am a certified horse show judge)
•Rabbits: Breeds, care, showing, breeding
•Other livestock: Cattle, pigs, sheep
•All aspects of hobby farming (with an emphasis on marketing and promotion)
•Pets: Dogs, rabbits
•Classic 1950s/1960s television
•Early childhood (development, activities)
•Baby names (popularity, meanings)
•Photography (all aspects)
•Gluten-free living
•Type 1 diabetes
•Vegetable gardening (particularly heirloom varieties)
•Vintage children's books: Collecting, buying, selling, history

also, food and recipes. :-)

Research is my forte--I am always eager to delve into a new topic and I love to work on assignment. Contact me at miraclewelsh@gmail.com or find me on Twitter!